our vision

In 2007, we set out on a mission to eliminate wasteful data entry by streamlining purchase order processing. We wanted to be different from other software companies with a can-do attitude, transparent pricing, and great customer service.


At the time, fax was still the predominant ordering method for the ‘long tail’ of non-EDI trading partners.


We were adventurous, often going where others didn’t. We were an early innovator of cloud software at a time when most companies believed cloud had no place in big business.


Not everything we did was a commercial success, but what we learned was invaluable as we strived to reach an unprecedented level of process automation.


We are proud of our journey and the leading edge technology we have developed. Our software has transcended beyond our wildest dreams, a mere shadow of what we envisaged in 2007, and we are delivering great automation outcomes. Our broad list of customers includes leading multinational companies across a vast array of industries and continents.


We are equally excited about what lies ahead. Our product is constantly evolving as we strive to solve complex problems and achieve unprecedented automation outcomes. The technology suite that we have been building for over a decade has opened unexpected doors, including the disrupting technology we now call Vendor Exchange which is changing the way organisations think about procurement.

our team

We have a great team who are committed, loyal, smart and motivated. We enjoy pushing the boundaries of process automation, tackling even the most complex challenges head on.


We look out for each other and encourage innovative thinking. We take ownership and pride in what we do ... and we are agile, quick and responsive to our customers' needs.

TIM - portrait2.jpg

Tim Pope


Ken Rapkins

Head of Client & Channel Partnerships

Lee van Hooff


Sona Patel

Business Analyst

Emilian Semczak

Software Architect

Lin Ding

Financial Controller


Software Engineer




Support Team Manager


Software Engineer


Account Manager


System Architect


Technical Developer


Account Manager


Support Supervisor


Graphic Designer


Customer Support


Account Manager


our board

Portalink's Board of Directors meet monthly to provide governance and strategic guidance.


With complimentary skills each Director brings years of experince to help the organisation succeed and achieve its mission for all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers and employees. 

Eric has enjoyed a distinguished business career in retail, airlines and health services and brings a wealth of experience to the Portalink portfolio. Eric serves on numerous Boards and Executive Committees including the University of SA Council.

Eric Granger | Chairman

Tim is the founder and major shareholder of Portalink with over 20 years executive management experience in Wholesale, Retail and IT solutions. Tim’s vision has been the driving force behind Portalink’s unique, end-to-end automation solution.

Tim Pope | Managing Director 

Riaz is a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, specializing in IT and Management. Riaz has been employed by, or consulted to Apple, Docomo, Ericsson, Hitachi, Samsung and Telstra. Riaz has a PhD in electronics engineering and an MBA from IMB, Switzerland, and has been granted 26 patents.

Riaz Esmailzadeh | Director


We are always on the lookout for great talent. Equally important is finding people who share our ethics and strong company values. 



Portalink is seeking great software developers located in Adelaide, South Australia and Manila, Philippines.





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