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accounts payable

Portalink is a flexible platform that uses multiple automation methodologies to digitise invoices from the biggest trading vendors to the smallest. Portalink hyperautomates the Accounts Payable process with a system that seamlessly manages approval workflows, three-way matching and unlimited business rules - with optimal Zero-Touch – before passing data to the Finance ERP system.  

We believe that great businesses understand the value of granular line-level data. 

The Accounts Payable function is an unavoidable and essential task for every organisation.  


Most organisations are unable to successfully digitise more than 20% of their inbound invoices. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) automates the largest trading partners but leaves a long tail of transactions that are manually keyed or only partially entered at header level. The long tail is not only where most mistakes occur, it also creates a lag for financial systems which adversely impacts timely payments, supplier relations and management reporting. By accurately capturing granular line level data from any document or file, Portalink instantly identifies duplicate invoices, overcharging and substitutions, ensuring that only high-quality data enters the financial system.   


Independent Technologists have proven that Portalink is a superior system for Zero-Touch transaction automation.  

structured and unstructured

invoice processing.


vendor invoice digitisation for accounts payable

data capture

data validation

data mapping

digital order


(captures meta data from native documents with 100% accuracy)​


(OCR enginge)

Each Vendor Invoice template is mapped by Portalink.


Low mapping costs enable all invoices to be automated




Portalink creates customised Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and mappings for any file format



Portalink creates customised mappings for any EDI file format​

Smart integration with master databases , procurement, and warehouse management systems enables validation with Zero or Low-Touch.​

 All business rules and workflows, no matter how complex, can be incorporated within the Portalink platform, ensuring errors are fixed before exporting the digital data to the ERP or finance system.

Only clean, sanitised invoices are exported to ERP system.​

Other systems including accounting and procurement systems can also be included in the data and document exchange.  ​

PDF attachment

Excel attachment


(in email body)

image files


(secure login)


Flexible 2-way or 3-way mapping against goods receipt and/or purchase order can be applied.

Automated Invoice Approval with delegation of authority to manager's phones and desktops.

General ledger and cost centre coding capabilities can be applied automatically or by the accounts payable teams before invoices are exported to your ERP.


Portalink learns with each invoice processed and is configured to compliment your ERP's capabilities and enhance your AP process.   


email invoices

faxed invoices

Supplier web portals

EDI Invoices

why portalink is the right choice

why choose 


our customised solution.

Portalink caters to your business needs and goals, and unlike other out-of-the-box systems, Portalink provides a robust and realistic solution to deliver low or even Zero-Touch transaction outcomes whilst decreasing errors and the overhead costs associated.

This is achieved through our mapping process.

reduces manual data entry by more than 85%

accelerated order-to-shipment cycles

eliminates errors

auto-communicates with customers

frees up time for sales generating activities

de-risks knowledge loss when key staff leave

enables growth without additional cost to serve

hear it from

our customers

independent technologists prove

portalink is number one

In early 2020, a global Fortune 500 company committed to finding the best PDF-to-EDI system. Extensive research had established a shortlist of nine software providers that were considered best-of-breed for document digitisation. A team of Technologists in Boston MA were tasked with setting up and testing each platform to determine which system delivered the best Zero-Touch outcomes.​

Converting PDF Purchase Orders into digital EDI files is complex, requiring accuracy and precision. Hundreds of actual PDF orders were processed through each system to test critical benchmarks. Despite being the smallest company selected for the test, Portalink outperformed all other systems and has since been successfully implemented globally by the Fortune 500 Company.​

The extensive testing proved that built-for-purpose systems which are fully supported by the provider performed better. The testing also proved that systems that were dependent on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for data capture and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for mapping could not be trusted for Zero-Touch.​

The benchmarks below summarise where Portalink outperformed the other systems:​

Untitled design.png

best data accuracy

Untitled design (1).png

best data


Untitled design (2).png

easiest to


Interface - ICON.png

best user


Untitled design (3).png

best technical support

Untitled design (4).png

most scalable system

how to choose

the right software provider

This simple test will narrow the field of software providers that can deliver the outcomes you need. Studies have proven that the following factors are critical for successful Zero-Touch digitisation.​

The system must be flexible and adaptable. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is very task specific and lacks the flexibly to adapt to complex variables​.


Avoid RPA dependent systems

The system must capture granular data with 100% accuracy. Systems that depend on OCR make too many mistakes to be trusted for Zero-Touch​.


Avoid OCR dependent


The mapping system must digitise any document type with 100% correct data context. Systems that rely solely on Artificial Intelligence often learn badly in unstructured data environments, resulting in costly errors.​


Avoid AI dependent systems

The software provider maps your vendor’s invoice templates so that your team’s time is not wasted and quality is not compromised​


Avoid systems that require mappings to done internally​

The cost to map each vendor’s invoice template is so low that you can digitise ALL of your trading partners without a second thought.​


Scalability will be limited if template cost is high

The system can be fully customised to compliment your business processes and workflows.​


Most SaaS systems are not


The system uses deep integration with your ERP and other systems (such as CRM) for seamless bi-directional data exchange.​


Avoid systems that have limited integration capabilities because they will require more touch

The system can validate ALL business rules – regardless of complexity - to resolve data errors with zero or low touch to eliminate double effort in ERP.


Limited validation equals

more touch

The system is intuitive and user friendly

enabling new users to become proficient within

a day or two.


Avoid clunky systems that are difficult to use​

The system is single tenant, providing additional flexibility, robustness and data security.


Avoid Multi-Tenant systems unless you are a small to medium sized organisation​

The system is not typical SaaS. The service

provider provides service beyond the sale with continual monitoring and  improvement for life.


Avoid systems that are not supported

The software provider is happy to provide you with reference contacts for any of their customers.



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