Caltex is Australia's leader in transport fuels, supplying one-third of the nation's transport fuel needs. The company has been providing a safe and reliable supply of high-quality fuels in Australia for over 100 years, servicing a customer base that spreads across a diverse range of fields, including retail, mining, agriculture, aviation, transport, small-to-medium enterprises, marine, automotive and government. 

ERP Database: SAP


Caltex's National Order Centre faced many challenges processing volumes of Customer Purchase Orders quickly enough to meet critical deadlines and same-day turnarounds. A large percentage of orders contain errors, such as incorrect product codes, and duplicate orders could slip through. Orders needed to be split between lubricants and fuel which are supplied out of different distribution facilities. The Customer Service Team referred to CRM notes when manually entering orders to ensure the correct delivery instructions were observed. Caltex also had to log in to some Customer web portals to locate and download new orders which would be manually entered into their ERP. With over 1900 sites across the country, Caltex started looking for a system that could digitise their non-EDI customer orders without compromising their established workflow processes and complex business rules.

The National Order Centre faces many challenges every day. Managing orders with timelines and errors became really difficult.


Tahlia Ford | Caltex Customer Service Manager



Caltex selected Portalink because it had the flexibility needed to meet their specific needs and because it was more accurate than other systems that relied solely on OCR. Portalink implemented special functionality to automatically split and forward orders that contained both fuels and lubricants to the correct distribution facility, and Portalink was able to present the CRM notes with every order for the immediate attention of the Customer Service Rep. Duplicates and errors were eliminated and the volume of orders could be processed three times more quickly. Portalink automated the process of retrieving purchase orders from customer portals, extracting the data and exporting the order to the ERP, eliminating manual handling and saving considerable time. Portalink also helped Caltex to communicate more effectively with auto-email responses tailored to their needs.

Portalink is really good at picking up discrepancies, allowing us to only have to focus on the lines that need our attention. Customers that send good quality orders where there’s no issues or errors can be processed without anyone even having to touch it. [Auto-Export] saves us time and effort, even the 30 seconds that we would normally take on a Portalink order, it just goes straight through – no need to worry.  


Tahlia Ford | Caltex Customer Service Manager

Any time that you can save allows you to be more thorough chasing up other things, so anytime saved throughout the day is a real benefit.


Stefan Perez | Caltex Customer Service Rep



Caltex has an ongoing commitment to achieve maximum efficiency gains and customer service quality. The Caltex Customer Service team enjoy using Portalink and find it an easy and intuitive system to learn. Portalink has helped Caltex achieve their customer service quality goals and efficiency gains. 

I found that Portalink was so much easier than our old methods. Rather than just jumping across multiple screens its hit this button, hit that button and it’s done. I’m not going back and forth checking previous emails. It lets me know if there’s a duplicate before I even go in there so I don’t have to track back. It’s easy.


Cassandra Wolny | Caltex Customer Service Rep

The system didn’t take long to learn. The Inbox of our old system was very clunky and we needed to go back into different systems to check the order, but I found with Portalink that it’s all very streamlined. There’s less jumping about and the orders are much quicker.


Stefan Perez | Caltex Customer Service Rep


Orders that used to take 6 to 7 minutes to process are now being processed in 30 seconds by Portalink.  Portalink is helping us improve our Customer Service and achieve our SLA for a 24 hour turnaround

Rahmeil Betyousef | Caltex Customer Solutions Manager



Portalink is integrated with Caltex' SAP database to receive and send secure digital files. Portalink automates the long tail of non-EDI transactions more accurately and seamlessly than traditional OCR systems - reducing manual data entry by more than 70%, eliminating errors and freeing up resources for higher reward customer service activities. 

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We receive so many orders every single day from a number of systems and the fact that we can ensure that orders placed through Portalink are going to be on time, we don’t have to worry about the customer emailing or calling us trying to find out where their order is because, it’s been processed, it took us 15 seconds, and the customer is good to go!

Tahlia Ford

Senior Customer Solutions Agent

Caltex Australia

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