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the missing link in the supplychain

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vertical intelligence

Enterprise solutions for big businesses that take Zero-Touch seriously.

Purchase Order digitisation

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Accounts Payable.

Invoice digitisation

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Supplier portal

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portalink explained.

what is vertical intelligence?


vertical intelligence

the missing link.

To maximise the benefits of Artificial Intelligence one must first first focus on creating solutions to real data challenges rather than the technology itself.

Purpose-bult technology.

Human expertise.

  • Large, diverse data sheets

  • Structures, semi-structured, and unstructured data

  • Different data sources

  • Computer learning

  • Cognitivity

  • Education

  • Training

  • Experience

  • Agile thinking

  • Emotional (EI)

  • Ethical practices

Surgical precision and timing.

  • Real-time integration

  • Complex business rules

  • Complex processes and workflows

  • Accessible on demand

  • Audit trail

  • Governance

how to choose the right 

software provider

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Independent Technologists

rate Portalink #1 in largest known

PDF-to-EDI benchmark testing

In early 2020, a Global Fortune 500 company engaged a team of technologists in Boston MA to test the leading document digitisation systems to determine which software was the best for Zero-Touch outcomes.


Converting PDF Customer Purchase Orders into digital EDI files is complex, requiring accuracy and precision. The technologists refined their list of PDF-to-EDI software providers to the top nine.


The technologists then set about implementing each of the top nine platforms for live testing of critical use cases across thousands of actual customer purchase orders. Despite a David versus the Goliaths battle, months of testing Portalink outperformed all of the other systems proving that it is the best-of-breed.


The findings proved that systems that the other systems dependent on OCR and/or Artificial Intelligence cannot capture data with sufficient accuracy to be trusted for Zero-Touch. The testing also proved that the systems that are built-for-purpose, externally managed and supported by the vendor had a much higher success rating than SaaS systems that require self-management.

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Best data accuracy.

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Best data context.

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Easiest system to setup.

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Best user interface

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Best technical support.

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Most scalable system.

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