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customer purchase

Switch on our unique automation features and switch off your data entry costs

automation intelligence for
Wholesalers • Manufacturers • Distributors • 3PL’s • Service Organisations

currently used in these industries:
Automotive • Chemical • Children's Nursery • Cleaning and Gardening Products • Computers and Electronics • Electrical • Fashion • Food & Beverage • Furniture • Industrial • Paint Supplies • Paper Products • Petroleum • Pet Supplies 


the automation engine

The Portalink™C-Suite methodology has conquered the ‘Seven Cs’, which are critical for successful order automation.

CAPTURES non-EDI purchase orders

Unique, non-invasive Portalink™C-Suite technology automatically captures orders from customers without any changes to the software systems at either end.

CONVERTS to electronic data

Portalink™C-Suite has developed a methodology that automatically converts the text in any purchase order template into electronic data with unprecedented accuracy (not OCR dependent).

CHECKS for errors

The data in a customer's software system is often incomplete or out-of-sync. Portalink™C-Suite automatically checks codes, prices, units of measure, freight rates etc, to identify any discrepancies or variations.

CLEANSES fit for export

Portalink™C-Suite helps the operator (CSR) to apply quick fixes to any discrepancies with Automation Intelligence that learns over time. This enables orders to be exported in an EDI-compatible state, in the fastest possible time, free of costly errors.

CREATES compatible EDI file

Portalink™C-Suite sends EDI compliant files directly to the recipient's (ERP) database or via an established EDI gateway, increasing the ROI on existing EDI hardware and software.

COMMUNICATES with customers & reps

Portalink™C-Suite automatically captures email communications and web portals can be extended to customers, sales reps, and vendors to keep all stakeholders in the loop with automated alerts and messages.

CHARTS real-time analytics

A multitude of dynamic KPIs can be easily tracked in real-time with customisable BI Dashboards visible to all authorised users.








7 cs

3 tiers of

Portalink automates the long-tail of non-EDI trading partners. Portalink has no impact on transactions that are already being processed via a pre-existing EDI-VAN.

system cap


what makes us different

Portalink automates more.

We understand how complex the order entry process can be within dynamic business environments. Portalink is achieving unparalleled levels of automation success because:

Every organisation is different. We listen to our customers to understand all of the challenges. Portalink has regularly exceeded the expectations of organisations with highly complex data and challenging workflow processes.


Portalink can automate any document type. Portalink can even: automatically login to customer web portals; download purchase orders; convert and export electronic files to database; upload ASN’s and invoices - eliminating the time consuming manual dependencies.


Portalink has extensive functional capabilities to automate the most complex data validation such as: pricing (incl, volume price breaks); UOM, quote reconciliation; multiple DC; inventory allocations; freight calculations; and much more. Despite this, we still tailor every implementation to meet the specific needs of each of our clients


The Portalink team will work closely with you for the duration of the project, to minimise the effort and time required to implement the system and to optimise the benefits of automation


Portalink can convert ALL of your customers to an automated state with unprecedented accuracy. Unlike other systems, the mapping of each customer’s order template is done by Portalink quickly and cost effectively. Each new customer can be on-boarded for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee!


Business Intelligence Reports keep the management team in touch with order processing activities, processing times and order related information.

Each new customer can be on-boarded for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee.

become great at customer service

Get ahead of the game by reducing the amount of time spent manually entering purchase orders, and free up time for far more important, sales generating activities. 


Let Portalink empower your Customer Service Team by helping them focus only on order discrepancies rather than wasting time entering every line of every order.

“Imagine if your company could improve customer service and simultaneously reduce operating expenses. Not only would you retain and gain customers, but you’ll also increase margins and be more competitive. This is a success cocktail for any business to accelerate sales. This is Automation Intelligence. And this is what Portalink is designed to do”

Tim Pope | Portalink CEO

Quoted from the How to get Great at Customer Service short video

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B2B web portals for
sales reps and customers

Portalink offers a holistic suite of solutions to improve information exchange between all stakeholders.


With only a little extra effort, the Portalink™C-Suite transaction automation system can be extended to include any of the following mobile B2B options:

Dynamic e-Catalogue for your virtual showroom  

Online orders with integrated import capability

Create a Quote with auto order reconciliation

Create an Excel Order Form with integrated import capability

Create a PDF or XLS Price List of selected sets of data

Freight Calculator for incoming Purchase Orders

Automatic Inventory Allocation across Multiple DC’s

Link Customer Invoices to Purchase Orders and provide delivery status updates


Promotional Events Planner

Portalink bridges the gaps by complementing legacy systems. Configure Portalink to enhance your existing (ERP) systems and business needs.


choosing the right
automation system

is a critical decision

Purchase orders are the lifeblood of any organisation, and it is natural to be skeptical about whether or not a system can deliver all that is promised without putting the organisation at risk.


That is why we offer a Proof-of-Concept Trial. We believe that you need to try before you buy to ensure that our system will tick all the necessary boxes and achieve the best possible transaction automation outcomes.

"The ability to run a proof-of-concept trial with Portalink was a hugely beneficial step to convince our users in our decision making process.  Not only did we confirm our belief that Portalink was the right system for our specific business needs, but we also discovered some important customisation opportunities which Portalink happily accommodated.  The Portalink team has been very quick and reactive, and is accompanying us in a continuous improvement spirit".

David Karoudjian | SNF Global

ERP and Process Improvement Specialist

Please download our White Paper which shares some critical Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to deciding on the right transaction automation solution for your organisation. 

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The Problem:


Why most companies are buried in a paper transaction wasteland.

C-Suite Demonstration

Switch on our unique automation features and switch off your data entry costs.

Tim Pope (Portalink CEO) | Achieving Great Customer Service

Tim Pope (Portalink CEO) talks about how Portalink helps to achieve great customer service.

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Portalink not only helps you have better communication with your customers, and better customer service, but Portalink will help clean up your own back yard to provide a better service within your business.

Robert Hepburn | McCain Foods

EDI Project Manager and Business Analyst

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