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portalink automates more.

By combining our considerable B2B marketplace experience with our leading-edge transaction digitisation technologies, Portalink developed a Supplier Portal that goes further than other systems. Timely exchange of information between suppliers and buyer's is critical for good business management and waste reduction.


The shortcoming of other systems in the market are (a) they are only fully digital for a small percentage of the biggest suppliers, e.g. 20%, and (b) the majority of smaller and mid-sized vendors who are not EDI or GS1 compliant refuse to manually enter the required data into the portal. Portalink's Supplier Portal processes static non-digital files from smaller vendors with the same efficiency as electronic exchanges from the biggest vendors.


The Portalink Supplier Portal is an electronic gateway for all data interchange including catalogue management, such as product data and pricing updates (by GS1 or spreadsheet), and Purchase Orders, PO Acknowledgements, Advanced Shipping Notifications, Invoices and Credit Notes (by EDI or analogue files such as PDF). All transactions are automatically validated by the Portalink workflow system before passing to the Buyer's ERP. ​

product management

Portalink enables your organisation to dynamically receive and upload rich supplier product data from Suppliers to their internal eCatalogue

data cleansing

Portalink provides a gateway to prevent products passing to the eCatalogue without the correct contract pricing, codes, search filters, images etc.

transaction engine

Portalink automates ALL transactions, including Purchase Orders, Invoices and ASN’s between your organisation and the Suppliers in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional EDI.

enhanced user experience

By filling the gaps between the (ERP) systems at either end of the supply chain, Portalink compliments and enhances the user experience.

Portalink has a unique capability to bridge data gaps between our suppliers and our P2P system.

Peter Prest (CFO)  |  University of South Australia



Portalink has a transparent enterprise fee structure.


Ask about our freemium plan for suppliers.

implementation fee

Portalink takes a hands-on approach to help customers reach optimal data automation success.

license fee

Includes Hosting; Data Storage; Unlimited Users; System Upgrades and 24/7 Technical Support.

transaction fee

A small flat fee per transaction rather than a percentage of purchase value avoids unpleasant surprises.

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