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Portalink Case Study

Redeploying staff to higher-value customer service activities helped Rhino-Rack exceed ambitious growth targets.

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 Client: Rhino-Rack 

 Company location: Australia 

 Industry: Automotive 

the background

Established in 1992, Rhino-Rack has been manufacturing and supplying high quality and innovative roof-rack and vehicle storage solutions to customers in the USA, Australia and additional 24 overseas markets, for well over 20 years. Rhino-Rack provides solutions to a diverse customer base, with a wide range of needs. From trades-people requiring heavy-duty storage and transport solutions, to sports-people needing to transport bulky gear, to outdoor enthusiasts looking for the next adventure, Rhino Rack is committed to providing quality products at an affordable price, underpinned by expert customer service and support. In addition, Rhino-Rack is very committed to sustainability and minimizing any negative impact it might make on the environment. Innovation is a key element in the Rhino-Rack customer value proposition and as such, Rhino-Rack is constantly looking for new ideas and opportunities to increase operating efficiencies and to reinvest these savings into the development of new business – through emerging markets, new products and stronger customer relationships. The benefits promised by the Portalink™ C-Suite solution aligned perfectly with this strategic goal.

the challenge

Rhino-Rack is a manufacturer and supplier of roof-racks and vehicle storage solutions. Rhino-Rack has customers in the USA, Australia and an additional 24 overseas markets. Innovative products at affordable prices are the key elements of Rhino-Rack’s Customer Value Proposition. Rhino-Rack deploys an Exonet ERP system. Prior to the implementation of the Portalink™C-Suite solution, Rhino-Rack employed 7 x Customer Service Reps to process approximately 6,000 purchase orders per month. In an environment of rising costs, Rhino-Rack is constantly looking for efficiency gains, so that it can continue to invest in business development initiatives and maintain its competitive edge.

the solution

Greater accuracy within the purchase order process has reduced the level of human intervention required by Rhino-Rack to resolve discrepancy issues. Rhino-Rack has reduced, from seven to three, the number of data entry operators required to process the 6,000 plus purchase orders per month, freeing up the remaining Customer Service team to focus on dealer inquiries. Since 90% of non-EDI customers can now be processed electronically, the system has given Rhino Rack a far greater capacity to cope with daily orders during peak periods of business. Rhino-Rack has identified a significant decrease in paper and printer usage, as well as filing space, resulting in a much more environmentally sustainable business operation. With the savings made from the efficiency gains, Rhino-Rack has been able to reinvest in its product development and market growth strategies.

the portalink effect

Implementation of Portalink™C-Suite has enabled Rhino-Rack to: capture purchase orders emailed by it customers, convert them into electronic data, check and cleanse the data to ensure accuracy, electronically map and import the information into Rhino-Rack’s proprietary ERP system, enabling each order to be processed automatically. Portalink™C-Suite has proved to be straight-forward to implement, learn and adopt and the transformation was almost instantaneous.

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