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the missing link in the supplychain

Powered by Vertical Intelligence

Enterprise solutions for big businesses that take Zero-Touch seriously.

Purchase Order digitisation

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Invoice digitisation

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Supplier portal

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what is vertical intelligence?


vertical intelligence

the missing link.

Vertical Intelligence focuses on creating solutions to real data challenges whereas Artificial Intelligence is task driven and comes at a later stage.

Purpose-bult technology.

Human expertise.

  • Large, diverse data sets

  • Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data

  • Different data sources

  • Machine learning

  • Cognitivity

  • Education

  • Training

  • Experience

  • Agile thinking

  • Emotional (EI)

  • Ethical practices

Surgical precision and timing.

  • Best methodology for each use case

  • Real-time integration

  • Data validation 

  • Complex processes and workflows

  • Audit trail

  • Governance

see why portalink ranked number one in the largest known global test of PDF-to-EDI platforms


independent technologists prove

portalink is number one.

In early 2020, a global Fortune 500 company committed to finding the best PDF-to-EDI system. Extensive research had established a shortlist of nine software providers that were considered best-of-breed for document digitisation. A team of Technologists in Boston MA were tasked with setting up and testing each platform to determine which system delivered the best Zero-Touch outcomes.​

Converting PDF Purchase Orders into digital EDI files is complex, requiring accuracy and precision. Hundreds of actual PDF orders were processed through each system to test critical benchmarks. Despite being the smallest company selected for the test, Portalink outperformed all other systems and has since been successfully implemented globally by the Fortune 500 Company.​

The extensive testing proved that built-for-purpose systems which are fully supported by the provider performed better. The testing also proved that systems that were dependent on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for data capture and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for mapping could not be trusted for Zero-Touch.​

The benchmarks below summarise where Portalink outperformed the other systems:​

Untitled design.png

best data accuracy

Untitled design (1).png

best data


Untitled design (2).png

easiest to


Interface - ICON.png

best user


Untitled design (3).png

best technical support

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most scalable system

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