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the missing link for procurement teams


Portalink automates more.

By combining our considerable B2B marketplace experience with our leading-edge transaction digitisation technologies, Portalink developed a Supplier Portal that goes further than other systems. Timely exchange of information between suppliers and buyer's is critical for good business management and waste reduction.


The shortcoming of other systems in the market are (a) they are only fully digital for a small percentage of the biggest suppliers, e.g. 20%, and (b) the majority of smaller and mid-sized vendors who are not EDI or GS1 compliant refuse to manually enter the required data into the portal. Portalink's Supplier Portal processes static non-digital files from smaller vendors with the same efficiency as electronic exchanges from the biggest vendors.


The Portalink Supplier Portal is an electronic gateway for all data interchange including catalogue management, such as product data and pricing updates (by GS1 or spreadsheet), and Purchase Orders, PO Acknowledgements, Advanced Shipping Notifications, Invoices and Credit Notes (by EDI or analogue files such as PDF). All transactions are automatically validated by the Portalink workflow system before passing to the Buyer's ERP. ​

see how

why choose 


our customised solution.

Portalink caters to your business needs and goals, and unlike other out-of-the-box systems, Portalink provides a robust and realistic solution to deliver low or even Zero-Touch transaction outcomes whilst decreasing errors and the overhead costs associated.

This is achieved through our mapping process.

all customer orders

all vendor invoices

any format

error free


achieving zero-touch.

In order to achieve Zero-Touch, your EDI gateway must...

Process all transactions from all trading partners with 100% accuracy - including EDI, emailed PDF's, excel forms, faxes, web portals or pigeon mail. 

Integrate to validate and fix all data issues, no matter how complex - before the transaction reaches the end-point (ERP).

Portalink is the only gateway that can

achieve this with scale.

learn why other systems fail

how to choose

the right software provider

This simple test will narrow the field of software providers that can deliver the outcomes you need. Studies have proven that the following factors are critical for successful Zero-Touch digitisation.​

The system must capture granular data with 100% accuracy. Systems that depend on OCR make too many mistakes to be trusted for Zero-Touch​.


Other providers

The mapping system must be able to process any document type with correct data context. Systems that rely on Artificial Intelligence often learn badly in unstructured data environments, resulting in costly errors.​


Other providers

The system must be flexible and adaptable. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is very task specific and lacks the flexibly to adapt to complex variables​.


Other providers

The software provider maps your vendor’s invoice templates so that your team’s time is not wasted and quality is not compromised​


Other providers

The cost to map each vendor’s invoice template is so low that you can digitise ALL of your trading partners without a second thought.​


Other providers

The system can be fully customised to compliment your business processes and workflows.​


Other providers

The system uses deep integration with your ERP and other systems (such as CRM) for seamless bi-directional data exchange.​


Other providers

The system can validate ALL business rules – regardless of complexity - to resolve data errors with zero or low touch to eliminate double effort in ERP.


Other providers


Other providers

The system is intuitive and user friendly enabling teams to become proficient within a day or two.


Other providers

The system is single tenant, providing additional flexibility, robustness and data security.


Other providers

The system is not typical SaaS. The service provider provides service beyond the sale with continual monitoring and  improvement for life.


Other providers

The software provider is happy to provide you with reference contacts for any of their customers.

see why portalink is ranked number one in the largest known global test to PDF-to-EDI platforms


independent technologists prove

portalink is number one.

In early 2020, a global Fortune 500 company committed to finding the best PDF-to-EDI system. Extensive research had established a shortlist of nine software providers that were considered best-of-breed for document digitisation. A team of Technologists in Boston MA were tasked with setting up and testing each platform to determine which system delivered the best Zero-Touch outcomes.​

Converting PDF Purchase Orders into digital EDI files is complex, requiring accuracy and precision. Hundreds of actual PDF orders were processed through each system to test critical benchmarks. Despite being the smallest company selected for the test, Portalink outperformed all other systems and has since been successfully implemented globally by the Fortune 500 Company.​

The extensive testing proved that built-for-purpose systems which are fully supported by the provider performed better. The testing also proved that systems that were dependent on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for data capture and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for mapping could not be trusted for Zero-Touch.​

The benchmarks below summarise where Portalink outperformed the other systems:​

Untitled design.png

best data accuracy

Untitled design (1).png

best data


Untitled design (2).png

easiest to


Interface - ICON.png

best user


Untitled design (3).png

best technical support

Untitled design (4).png

most scalable system

hear it from

our customers.

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