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automation intelligence

Software that starts where EDI ends


operating costs


data input errors




trading partner relations

are we?

Portalink is an innovative company that provides data automation bridges between Trading Partners with disparate systems. 


Since founding the business in 2007, it has been our mission to transform the way businesses transact with their trading partners, particularly in the exchange of purchase orders, invoices and product data.


With no known comparable technology, we are confident that Portalink can help your organization improve productivity, reduce overhead, reduce processing errors, improve order-to-shipment cycles, increase sales and improve customer service.


We have a great team who are committed to working with our customers to create and implement sustainable performance uplift, leveraging innovative business solutions with decades of expertise.




purchase orders

customer service

Reduce manual data entry by more than 70% and eliminate errors. Portalink automates Purchase Order processing of any order form with unprecedented accuracy by creating a transaction automation bridge between your customers, sales reps and back-end (ERP) system. Our flexible, user friendly middleware works like a virtual assistant, freeing up time for more important sales generating activities.


accounts payable

vendor invoices

Portalink is a flexible platform that uses multiple automation methodologies to digitise invoices from the biggest trading vendors to the smallest. Portalink hyperautomates the Accounts Payable process with a system that seamlessly manages approval workflows, three-way matching and unlimited business rules - with optimal Zero-Touch – before passing data to the Finance ERP system.  


vendor exchange

Portalink Vendor Exchange is an exciting alternative to Punch-Out catalogues. Portalink simplifies the process of managing vendor catalogues and automating the EDI transaction exchange of Purchase Orders; Order Acknowledgements; ASNs and Invoices. Portalink Vendor Exchange provides a richer experience for the buyer and enables more suppliers to participate in a digital procure-to-pay solution.

transaction engine

Portalink automates ALL transactions, including Purchase Orders, Invoices and ASN’s, between your organisation and Suppliers, in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional EDI.

data integration

System agnostic, Portalink adapts to the import/export file formats of any ERP, Accounting or Finance system resulting in minimal effort by your IT team.

B2B integration

Extend Portalink to be a virtual showroom with secure web portals for your sales reps and customers. Our mobile solution for online orders and auto-generated Excel spreadsheets can be fully integrated with your ERP.

enhanced communication

Instant communication with

pre-agreed messaging rules saves time and improves relationships with trading partners. Customised alerts and messages are automatically triggered according to business rules.

case study

Showcase | Rhino-Rack

Paul and Ashley discuss how Portalink has helped Rhino-Rack to save millions in operational productivity gains and simultaneously surpass ambitious growth targets.



automation intelligence
smarter business

We help systems at each end of the supply chain perform better.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has existed for fifty years, and yet most organisations still have to manually enter more than 80% of the Purchase Order and Invoice transactions they receive.


When it comes to procurement, most organisations would prefer the benefits of an internal hosted catalogue, and yet the complexities of managing all of the product data opened the door for external punch-outs twenty years ago.


Portalink has developed a solution that simplifies managing hosted catalogues. Portalink automates the transaction cycle with unprecedented accuracy – eliminating manual data entry and errors. By lowering the bar for trading partners, Portalink facilitates automated product data exchange efficiency between more vendors and buyers, more cost-effectively, and in a fraction of the time.



better for the environment 
better for your business

Working in a paperless environment 


… saves trees 

… and frees up filing space 

Good for business and good for the environment.

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